Test – Recorded Lectures – Ancient Art

Three types of lecture recordings are available for each Sculpture lecture. We will make our best effort to make each available approximately 2 weeks after the lecture.

1.  PowerPoint presentation and mp3 audio file.  This is a convenient way to view lecture slides in highest quality, while listening to the audio recording of the lecture.  You download the PowerPoint to your computer, and you either download or stream the mp3 files.

2.  DVDs.  These are the highest quality recordings of a lecture, and they are available by request.  Please email Marilyn Bernt at marabernt@gmail.com to request a DVD which will be mailed to you.  Out of consideration to other docents, please limit your borrowing time to approximately 1 week.  Notify Marilyn if you cannot make the return date (415-488-1524). Late returns may cause loss of borrowing privileges. You are responsible for mailing the DVD back to: Marilyn Bernt, PO Box 721, Woodacre, CA 94973.

3. Video recordings.  We are now providing streaming video recordings of lectures.  You will find these below.  While these may be the most convenient way to view and listen to the lecture, the other 2 media above are higher quality. In addition, depending on your line speed, you may experience some stuttering of the video or audio stream. We welcome feedback on the value of these video recordings, as they are an experiment.

Lecture 4: 1/30/14 Koret (1-3PM): “Roman Art and Its Legacy,” Christopher Hallett